Follow these Tips to Become a Pro at Wrestling

25 September 2019
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


The generally accepted idea is that you should be active at least a few times a week to maintain a healthy weight and good circulation. People also say that the best way to stay focused and dedicated in exercise is to pick a workout activity which you genuinely enjoy engaging in. If you are a fan of wrestling and you have been looking for some way to get more active, why not try wrestling? Here are the three basic wrestling tips for beginners.

Get a Competent Trainer

To be a competent wrestler, you will need to learn how to stand, how to move your body and how to coordinate your body parts so they can help you tackle your opponent. There are some basics which you can learn through DIY YouTube tutorials, but if you are serious about learning skills, it would be best to get a competent trainer. They will gauge your level of knowledge in the sport and start training you from that point on. Check the credentials of the trainer and make sure that they are certified and recommended.

Shop for the Right Gear

There are many risks that you will face when you start getting into the wrestling ring. Some of the body parts that are most vulnerable to breakages and injuries include the head and neck. Your elbows, knees and ankles will also face a lot of pressure and possibly sustain damage if you do not protect them well when training. Your jaw, gums and teeth are also likely to get hurt. It is advisable to speak with your trainer about all the risks which you will be exposed to. The trainer will help you choose the right protective gear to protect you from any form of harm.

Start with the Basics

Another mistake which wrestlers make when they are learning the sport is trying to rush through the learning process. Basics in wrestling include simple things such as knowing the proper stance, learning the penetrating shot and learning how to lift and pin opponents. Give yourself six months to a year to internalise and perfect these skills before trying to enter into a duel or another wrestling match.

Wrestling will help you lose weight, it will take you off your busy work schedule and it will make your childhood dreams of being a wrestler come true. But all this will only happen when you consult competent trainers.