The Different Types Of Marine Spare Parts

7 July 2023
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If you need spare parts for your boat, you'll want to look into a company that produces a number of different marine spare parts for engines designed to perform in marine environments.

Spare parts are built to meet the specific needs of your engine and are tested to ensure they fulfil the heavy demands and safety requirements of marine engines. These components are also tested and customised to the unique requirements of your engine and working circumstances. But what kind of marine spare parts are available to you? Here are six types to know about.

Maintenance and service kits

Maintenance and service kits are designed for you to maintain and service your engine. These kits come with all the required parts and components needed to carry out such regular maintenance tasks as filter replacements and oil changes. A maintenance and service kit provides a cost-effective and convenient way to maintain your engine and extend its lifespan.


Propellors are made out of high-quality materials, ensuring they fall in line with strict standards for reliability and performance. You can choose from a range of different styles and sizes for various types of boats and applications.


These are designed to protect the engine's submerged components from electrolysis-induced corrosion. Anodes are made out of a sacrificial metal that's more reactive than what it's designed to protect so it corrodes first. These are important components that require regular checks and need to be replaced once they've corroded significantly. There are a number of different anodes for various engines and applications. The most popular anode materials are magnesium, aluminium and zinc.

Chemicals and fluids

Chemicals and fluids like oils provide great protection against corrosion and wear while also reducing emissions and keeping your engine clean. Authentic chemicals and fluids will work seamlessly with your marine engine.

Parts by IPS model

You can find parts for your marine propulsion systems. Companies supply parts that include electronic steering systems, control systems, the engine, and the drive unit.

Parts by drive leg model

A typical company will offer a range of different parts for various drive leg models. Examples of drive leg models include SX Drive, Aquatic Drive, and IPS Drive. Among the more common drive leg parts are steering systems, upper/lower gear cases, trim cylinders, water pumps, anodes, and propellers. 

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