A Buyer's Guide to Personal Watercrafts

20 October 2021
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If you are into water sports or enjoy recreational boating, then a personal watercraft is a must-have. However, just like any boat, personal watercrafts come in many different options. That means finding the right one for your needs may not be straightforward, especially if it's your first time in the market looking for one. Therefore, you will need to evaluate many different factors before finding the ideal personal watercraft for your water sporting activities. This guide looks into some of the crucial aspects you need to have in mind when selecting a personal watercraft.

Think About the Size

Personal watercrafts come in multiple sizes to suit different riding needs. Therefore, evaluate your riding needs and determine whether you want a single-seater, two-seater, or a model with three or more seats. Do you plan to tag a friend or family member along on your rides? Or would you be doing solo rides? If it is the latter, it is best to go for a single-seater model.

Note that bigger personal watercrafts will often cost you more. On the flip side, they come with better stability and tend to be more powerful, ideal for towing purposes. You may also find some stand-up models. However, stand-up personal watercrafts generally call for some athletic ability and are suitable for experienced riders.

Consider The Waters

Will you be riding on a river, inland lake, or out in the ocean? Having a clear picture of where you intend to ride is also crucial when selecting a personal watercraft. That's because it will play a significant role when it comes to choosing the right engine cooling system. Most importantly, it will be helpful to know whether you will be riding in a freshwater or saltwater body. This has a significant impact on your engine's corrosion.

Generally, saltwater bodies tend to promote faster corrosion. Therefore, if you will be riding on salty waters, choosing a personal watercraft with a closed engine cooling system would be best. Unlike their open systems, closed engine cooling systems use the surrounding water to cool your engine without letting the water inside the engine.

Consider Your Towing Needs

It also pays to think about the possibility of towing stuff on your watercraft when selecting one. For instance, if you plan to tow water skiers, you will need to look for a more powerful watercraft. In such situations, consider its horsepower before your purchase.

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