Boating Accessories: Three Crucial Considerations for Canopy Cover Selection

11 December 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


Canopy covers for boats such as Bimini covers are perfect for use on hot days. In general, the scorching sun can be harsh on the skin and eyes, and it can cause exhaustion, dehydration and irritability. These adverse effects can ruin your boating experiencing and force you to cut your trips short. If you have been struggling with this problem, you should consider installing a canopy cover. In simple terms, this accessory will act as a sunshade and create a cool and comfortable space for relaxation in the boat. If you are thinking of purchasing a canopy cover for your boat for the first time, consider the outlined factors for ideal selection.

Canopy Fabric

When shopping for your canopy cover, you should evaluate the different fabrics used in the manufacture of the product. Your choice will determine the durability, maintenance requirements and the cost of the accessory. Typically, it is advisable to choose synthetic or plastic materials such as polyester and acrylic as opposed to natural alternatives like canvas. The former category can withstand high humidity without damage and mould growth. The latter is more susceptible to moisture retention and require more maintenance. You should also check on the performance characteristics of each product and make a comparison. The most important properties to look for include fungi resistance, UV protection, abrasion resistance and material resilience. 

Framing Material

You should think about the framing material installed to hold up the canopy cover during your selection process. If the framing is not stable, the entire feature will susceptible to mechanical damage. Also, you should consider other issues such as ease of installation, cost and corrosion resistance. There are three primary options that you can select for your needs: plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. Aluminium is a lightweight material with excellent corrosion resistance. Also, it is an economical choice for most boating enthusiasts. Therefore, aluminum is the most popular material choice. If you are interested in an inexpensive framing, plastic is an ideal choice for your needs. Stainless steel is highly durable, but it is expensive and considerably heavy.


Finally, you should determine the right measurements for your boat canopy cover. The shading accessory should provide good coverage for the size of your vessel. Under ideal circumstances, you should order a customised canopy cover to match the exact area that you want to shade. However, this choice is relatively expensive. For inexpensive but quality results, you should inquire about canopy covers which are intended for installation over your boat model.